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6mR Fandango FIN-40

Fandango was designed by Tore Holm in 1937 and built by well known boatbuilders Wilenius warf in Porvoo. She was launched in June 1937 and the owner Holger Sumelius raced her only a couple of years.

After the war the boat was used as cruising & day sailing until she was sold in 1983 to Admiral Iivonen who successfully rebuilt her again into a racing boat and the hull was between 1988 to 1990 fully renovated. They raced successfully over the years with the son Veli Matti Iivonen as skipper. During their ownership in 2000-2010 they finished up within the top 10 boats in every race the took part in. In 2010 he was 2nd in Sinebrychoff challenge. 2011 the boat was bought back to Sumelius granddaughter. The last few years the boat has not been raced because all crew moved abroad. The boat has during the present ownership been upgraded and maintained in perfect condition and all what has needed to be done and replaced is done. 2011 all paint was removed and the hull was repainted , New rudder construction, new winches, roll genoa, a full wardrobe of sails, Containing 2 mains , genoa 1 ,2 and 3 and a completely unused jib. 3 North sail spinnakers, light, mid and heavy and additionally several usable old sails. The boat is probably the only 6mr having a specially designed fitting for hanging on the side an outboard engine to make it possible to move her short handed when there is no wind. With the Suzuki 2,5 hp the boat has been moving herself + towing 4 other 6mrs. The boat is to be seen at the Suomenlinna Warf in Helsinki. She is ready to sail and will be launched in end May 2019.

Price: 58000 €
Contact: Fred Ramberg

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