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ISMA Bulletin 2/2012 on ilmestynyt!

Lataa omasi!

Dear friends of the 6mJI Class,

It is very strange about our class. At each Annual Generl Meeting we discuss about the future of our class. We have inputs about professional race management, we hear about yacht-pools to create places where racing gets easier without transport, we read about the importance of the Classic division and do think about what should be agreed on moderns to get them on the water again. We do also dicuss about the right places to sail our fantastic boats. Some of our members intend to be where the Yacht Club is of social importance, others are interested to sail where the wind scheme is the best possible for our boats. And at the end of the AGM all participants go back to their familiy, their business and whatever has promised to deliver as a working package is generally forgotten. As it is in most clubs it´s difficult do find members being devoted to take over jobs in the interest of all. That is why I gave a clear statement, that the last ISMA bulletin I will produce is the one of autumn 2014.

Up to then I will have done it from spring 2001, this will be the 28th issue after 14 years. This information will give the time to the ISMA board to look for a successor. It must not be a printed a media, it may be an internet based solution or what ever will be in. Only from my experience I can report, that the problem is not producing any form of international news. The problem is to get the information. This is the reason that I want to thank all thouse who helped me with the actual information that I was finally able to collect and summarize in the running ISMA news, as I will do it this time.

We are soon at the end of the year. Please do accept all my best wishes for a cosy Christmas and a Happy New Year with a good health and not too much economic troubles. Again we will have a lot of racing events in 2013. Do use the wintertime to refit your 6m yacht at the very best… and organize your crew, the earlier the better.

Yours Beat Furrer,
editor of ISMA news

6mr 19.12.2012

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Ranking 2018 - final

F46Astree III124
FIN 49Sara af Hangö85
FIN 51May Be VI71
FIN 60Off Course64
FIN 43Wire64
FIN 77Antje49
FIN 67Djinn43
FIN 63Borée II37
FIN 39Jolanda33
FIN 38Mariana24
FIN 76Victoria18
FIN 23Merenneito17
FIN 61Silene9
FIN 30Raili6
S 2May Be IV5
FIN 17Arneta4
FIN 74Lisbeth3
FIN 64Emzia3
FIN 40Fandango2
FIN 19Puckie1

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