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RRegatta 2014 14-15.6.2014

Ladies & Gentlemen mRacers, It is time to put the annual RRegatta in your calendars. In 2014 we Race and Party over the weekend before Midsummer.

So, we Race and Party at Paven 14-15.6.2014. Get your boats ready and join in the fun - or just join the Party if the boat is not ready.

Click link to enter your boat:

6mr 27.2.2014

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Ranking 2018

F-46 Astree III 16

FIN-63 Borée II 16

FIN-60 Off Course 13

FIN-49 Sara af Hango 12

FIN-51 May Be VI 11

FIN-72 Ara 9

FIN-43 Wire 9

FIN-38 Mariana 9

FIN-77 Antje 8

FIN-44 Toy 6

S-2 May Be IV 5

FIN-77 Emzia 3

FIN-39 Jolanda 3

FIN-76 Victoria 3

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