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Queen Christina Nations Cup 2018 at HSS Helsinki

Finnish Six metre assosiation is proud to have the legendary and fun Cup in Finland this year. The races are orgainzed by HSS with close co-operation with FINSMA

30.7.-2.8.2018 HSS, Helsinki

Location is perfect for this kind of social race in the heart of Helsinki (

Racing starts Tuesday July 31st in the afternoon.

Naturally there are after sail sauna & refreshments every day… in true Finnish way!

Prize giving dinner on August 2nd

Accommodation or

Contact Nina Jacoby at

6mr 5.5.2018

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Ranking 2018

F-46 Astree III 16

FIN-63 Borée II 16

FIN-60 Off Course 13

FIN-49 Sara af Hango 12

FIN-51 May Be VI 11

FIN-72 Ara 9

FIN-43 Wire 9

FIN-38 Mariana 9

FIN-77 Antje 8

FIN-44 Toy 6

S-2 May Be IV 5

FIN-77 Emzia 3

FIN-39 Jolanda 3

FIN-76 Victoria 3

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