After many good years the Second World War had its unfortunate effect on boat building and on boat races. Only few boats were built because of shortage of good material. Irma was one of the few exceptions at boat building front since her keel touched salty water first time in 1943. She was introduced in the HSS (Helsingfors Segelsällskap) 50 year celebration race. Despite lack of materials Irma was well built but heavy and was considered to be at her best in strong winds. This is a statement Irma´s present crew does not believe in. She has turned out to be a good light wind sailer.

Irma has gone through two big renovations. In first repair, in 1951, she became covered with cabin roof. Second time in 1991 she was restored to her original shape and ground to beautiful mahogany and varnished. In 2002 she got new mast and in 2003 new deck. Today her sides are painted white and deck is varnished larch. During the resent years she has gone through many smaller repairs, that she could be a bright old lady to compete at races.

Irma´s recent owners bought her in 1997. Irma's future will contain racing and leisure sailing.

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FIN-3 Irma

Seura SPS
Rakennusvuosi 1943
Suunnittelija Birger Slotte
Veistämö Wilenius Båtvarv, Borgå
Ensimmäinen omistaja
Vaino W. Wickstrom, HSS, Finland


Omistajat Juha Paananen & Marjo Jäppinen /


Ranking 2019

1 FIN 67 Djinn169
2 FIN 60 Off Course159
3 FIN 49 Sara af Hangö138
4 FIN 80 Astree III124
5 FIN 43 Wire124
6 FIN 51 May Be VI121
7 FIN 12 Fridolin119
8 FIN 36 Joy114
9 E 16 Bribon Gallant111
10 FIN 77Antje110

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