Antinea, built in 1928 at Råholmens Båtvarv, was constructed by Einar Olofsson for the brothers Nils-Erik and Göran Hongell.The Hongell brothers where keen and good sailors who raced her enthusiastically in her early years. Antinea was at that time considered a light wind yacht. For a good twenty years she was owned by Finns and stationed mainly near Helsinki. In 1948 Antinea was sold to Sweden where she was renamed Quers. During the time in Sweden she had a colourful range of owners who had different means of her use, she even had a roof built on her at one time.

In 1990 Antinea was bought back to Finland by the two Renlund brothers, Mikael and Robert. They were soon to realise that she was even in a worse condition than it at first seemed. This did not bring the enthusiasm down for they had found the yacht which had historical value for them.

So during the summer of 1991 Antinea was transported from Helsinki to the boat yard of the constructor Lage Sundfors who was to start her restoration and reconstruction. The huge project which lasted for seven years was not done in the simplest way. Instead, she was scrapped from the white paint that she had got during her years in Sweden after which the time consuming process of restoring and rebuilding her back to her former lines and beauty began. During the reconstruction process even the former owner Mr Nils-Erik Hongell helped the two brothers to gather as much historical information from her building years so that the details from her past could be restored as she was lengthened to her former length of 11.17 meters.

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FIN-24 Antinea

Seura NJK
Rakennusvuosi 1928
Suunnittelija Einar Olofsson
Veistämö Råholmens Båtvarv
Ensimmäinen omistaja
Nils & Göran Hongell


Omistajat Renlund, Nyberg & Dahlberg / mikael@renlund.net


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