FIN 38 Mariana (G. Jacobsson, 1938)Mariana was built in 1936 by the Wilenius boatyard at Borgå, Finland.Her first owner, Gunnar Jacobsson, a member of the Nyländska Jaktklubben (Nyland Yacht Club) in Helsinki, also designed her, thus initiating Team Mariana’s slogan: “The secret to getting ahead is getting started!”.

Mariana is Gunnar Jacobsson’s only Six Metre design. She got her name from Jacobsson's wife, Sally Mariana. She has a rating configuration of light displacement, long measured length, small wetted area and small sail area. She performed well upwind but wasn’t competitive with the all round performance of Tore Holm's designs of the same period. During 1936-1940, we find her typically in the middle of the pack. She was sold to a German military attaché in Stockholm in 1941 and then had six Swedish owners during the period 1941-1977.

During the war, the charts of Swedish archipelago were withheld from sale to the German military attaché, but he managed to obtain them from German Navy headquarters in Kiel. With his military maps aboard, he was able to navigate through Sweden’s dangerous, but peaceful, waters until 1945 King Carl XVI Gustaf was supposed to sail onboard Mariana in 1975 World Cup in Sweden, but His Majesty broke his leg just beforehand, so he had no choice but to remain a spectator with his plastered leg.

It was love at first sight when Rabbe Kihlman and Mats Andersson saw Mariana in Sandhamn in 1975. After two years of serious negotiations, she returned to her original home of the Finnish Archipelago and lots of tender loving care. In 1991, Rabbe's second cousin, Erkki Kairamo, bought a ¾ share of Mariana. Since then, Rabbe and Erkki's sons Antero, Eero and Jaakko have been sailing together with her. As permitted by the Class Rules, they sailed as a crew of four. Mariana is one of the few 6mR's, which still acts as a cruising yacht as well. For cruising purposes Mariana has removable galley and other interior, wich give the crew some comfort during the cruises.

Mariana went through a major renovation 1973-1975 in order to be at her finest for the 1975 World Cup. After the new partnership in 1991, 30 new ash frames were installed. Similarly, a couple of planks, the rudder and the metal floors were renewed. The original Honduras mahogany was still fine on the topsides but some parts of underwater hull needed new planks. Mariana went through a second major renovation in 2000/2001 (October to June) and while the skeleton was still new, the underwater boarding and massive woods were totally renewed during the renovation at M-Yachts Lovisa, Finland, by Martin Rosenstedt.

Classic World Championship winner: -95 in Sandhamn.Classic Nordic Championship winner: -83, -87, -91 and second: -97.Finnish Championship winner: -91, -93, -96 and second: -92, -94, -95, -97, -98.Commodores Cup: 15 times winner since -77 and three wins in a row -96, -97 (a tie with May Be IV) and -98. Finnish Ranking Winner: -91, -93, -95, -96 and second: -92, -94, -97, -98.Mariana has been one of the top scoring Sixes in Finland since 1977. The World Cup win in 1995 was big success, despite the fact that the race was sailed in very light winds. The silver in 1999 is an even greater success, given the highly competitive fleet of 32 boats. In fact, her 10 year total of 409 points places her ahead of Off Course and May Be IV, each with 395 points. Although the difference is only of 14 points, it becomes significant when one realises that it corresponds to beating them 10 times more than she was beaten - and that over more than 50 regattas.

In June the 9th 2007 Mariana got new owners, the Jansson’s family (three siblings: Gina Bergenheim, Bettina Nyman and Martin Jansson) bought her (see her For Sale listing at p. 45 of the March 2007 issue of this newsletter). Mikael Frisk also joined the team then – and I just joined. Du to the fact that Mariana now has a crew with three girls, she has gotten the friendly nickname among the Finnish fleet who call her ‘the girlboat’, and everybody knows ‘you have to beat the girls’!

Mariana underwent further restoration during the winter 2008/2009 (October to January). She has a completely new teak deck and everything inside has been sandpapered and varnished. She has also been re-painted, with the same colour scheme as before: white topsides with black under the water and a red waterline. The deck layout was not changed.

Mariana has the great honour of defending her former title as classic World Champion. With her very light new deck, she will be tough to beat in 2009.

NEWS January 19th 2009
This Weekend (17-18. January) Mariana was moved out (and Alibaba was moved in) at Emsalo Boatyard where she has spent the last 3 months. The construction work on her is now ready. She has a new teak deck and everything inside has been sanded, varnished and repainted completely. Mariana will spend the rest of the winter at Emsalo boatyard in a cold building.
The proud owners in Team Mariana

NEWS December 12th 2008
The new teak deck is coming along nicely on Mariana. At this point (see 3 first pictures, week 49) it is only fitted in place, it will still be removed and glued. A step inside has been added, the purpose is to make it easier for the grinder (see picture 4). Otherwise we have not made any changes to the layout. This week the winches will be fitted in place. Mariana has also gotten around 60-70 meters of mahogany on her sides (see picture 5).
Merry christmas
Team Mariana

NEWS October 29th 2008
Marian’as bow was damaged in the last regatta in the fall 2008. The accident happened by mistake when the skipper was not able to turn the boat. The collision happened with Off Course in the Musto regatta at the end of August.

Mariana is now being restored at Emsalö Boatyard during October and November this year. She is expected to be ready before Christmas this year. At the same time the owners decided to put a new deck on her and maybe do some other smaller adjustments.

Mariana’s power women and men (!!!) decided to do some of the work inside the boat themselves while the deck is away. Here are some pictures from our trips to Emsalö boatyard :O)

Team Mariana

NEWS Jun 9th 2007
Today Mariana got new owners and she returned back to under NJK flag. Wistfully Eero and Jaakko escorted Mariana with her new owners to face new adventures.

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FIN-38 Mariana

Seura NJK
Rakennusvuosi 1936
Suunnittelija Gunnar Jakobsson
Veistämö Wilenius Båtvarv, Borgå
Ensimmäinen omistaja
Gunnar Jakobsson


Omistajat Team Mariana


Ranking 2018 - final

F46Astree III124
FIN 49Sara af Hangö85
FIN 51May Be VI71
FIN 60Off Course64
FIN 43Wire64
FIN 77Antje49
FIN 67Djinn43
FIN 63Borée II37
FIN 39Jolanda33
FIN 38Mariana24
FIN 76Victoria18
FIN 23Merenneito17
FIN 61Silene9
FIN 30Raili6
S 2May Be IV5
FIN 17Arneta4
FIN 74Lisbeth3
FIN 64Emzia3
FIN 40Fandango2
FIN 19Puckie1

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