Sara af Hango replaces the destroyed/disappeared Violet (1947) which sailed in the Gold Cup 1947 under ownership of Eljas Erkko. Sara, built by Uffe & Peter Granstrom in Hanko/Finland, is a replica of Violet and she has been approved by ISMA as a classic R6.

During her first summers Sara has been sailed mostly by the key players behind Alibaba II's world title 1999... Henrik Tenstrom, Nappe Molander, Timo Laurila, Jolle Blassar and Kristian Rame. Now that both Timo & Kristian have moved with their businesses to Asia, Sebastian Blechinberg and John Winqvist have been the new regulars on board.

2010 Sara was the winner of the Finnish Ranking series and the runner-up in the Nationals Regatta.

The final crew for 2011 has not yet been decided...

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FIN-49 Sara af Hango

Seura HSF
Rakennusvuosi 2006
Suunnittelija Gösta Kyntzell
Veistämö Granström, Hangö
Ensimmäinen omistaja Eljas Erkko (Violet)


Omistajat Kenneth Varsanpää /


Ranking 2019

1 FIN 67 Djinn169
2 FIN 60 Off Course159
3 FIN 49 Sara af Hangö138
4 FIN 80 Astree III124
5 FIN 43 Wire124
6 FIN 51 May Be VI121
7 FIN 12 Fridolin119
8 FIN 36 Joy114
9 E 16 Bribon Gallant111
10 FIN 77Antje110

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