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Off Course was built 1939-40 by Harry Becker for the X-Syndicate in Gothenburg. Becker was more known for his radical yachts in the Swedish Square Meter Class. He was the undisputed champion in designing 22 sqm yachts. Even his Six Metres were known for their slim and slender lines. Becker constructed three Sixes but all of them are acive today. Off Course is a relatively heavy yacht (4,3 tons), she has one of the largest sail areas, and a large J-measure. The difference between the girths is large and the keel is exceptionally narrow.


Originally named Bissen, the yacht was built at a time when the standard in the Six Metre Class in Sweden was high. The first season was not exceptionally successful, so she was sold already the following year to Kjell Grauers in Stockholm. Grauers raced in several competitions during the Second World War. The following owner roofed the yacht and held her as a cruising yacht to 1960?s.


It has been told that one of the reasons that Off Course was not successful during her first years, was that she leaked too much close to the mast and keel. This was due to a construction error and that the yacht was not built according to instructions. In 1970?s the 8th owner, Åke Burman rebuilt the mast step according to instructions from Harry Becker.

One of the legendary "mascots" of the Six Metre fleet in Helsinki was Lauri "Igge" Sederholm. He was an original member of the syndicate buying Off Course to Finland in 1989. To Sederholm the Six Metre was everything in his life and this also led to a tragic accident in 1994. The memory of Lauri Sederholm was held at the Kronbergsfjärdsregatta 1994 and honored by "The Saloon Masters Trophy" donated to Brandö Yacht Club.


Åke Burman gave the yacht a new plywood and cloth deck, but he kept the original roof. The roof was removed 1980 when Anders Hedman rebuilt the deck with plywood below and teak above. He also replaced mahogany planking close to keel with mahogany plywood moduling. The old wooden mast was also replaced with aluminum.

In 1989 Off Course was bought to Finland. The two original members in the syndicate are Kaj "Kaitsu" Karumaa and Pekka Barck, later joined by Erkki "Eki" Karumaa. The aim has been that the yacht should be better each year.

Most of the work has been done 1996 and 1999, when the yacht was at the M-Yachts wharf in Lovisa. Mostly lead by the boatbuilders Martin Rosenstedt and Sune Carlsson, Off Course has had:
- the 10 lowest planks on each side of the yacht replaced
- the hull oiled from outside
- a new keelplank, rudderbow and half of the forebow replaced
- 30 wooden frames and 12 steelframes replaced
- a new rudder and a new steel mast step
- a new mast, boom and winch table to the mast
- a new Oregon pine / mahogany deck
- planks replaced when the deck was rebuilt
- lots of sails from Meripurje

After the World Championships in Hanko 1999 Off Course got a new oregon pine deck and also the two top planks of the freeboard were renewed. Work was made by Martin Rosenstedt at M-Yachts, Lovisa. The new clean and simple layout design of the new deck by Kaj Karumaa, made it possible to race the yacht with 4 experienced strong men.

For the season 2004 Off Course got a new rig after breaking it at the Nordic Championships in Mariehamn the previous season.

World Cup fourth in Hanko 1999
Nordic Championship winner 1984, 1990, 1992 and 1997
Finnish Nationals winner 1994, 1995, 1998 and 2006
Swedish 6mR Ranking winner 1987 and 1988
Finnish overall Ranking winner 1992, 1994 and 2006
Helsinki Classic Regatta winner 1994, 1999, 2006 and 2007
Hanko regatta winner 1997
Kronbergsfjärdsregatta winner 1994, 1995 and 2009
Mariehamn Regatta winner 1990
Viaporin Tuoppi winner 1995, 1998 and 2010
Segelbåtens Dag Regatta (Stockholm) winner 1988

Since Off Course has been brought to Finland it has been one of the most successful Six Metres. It has always been a dangerous competitor, earlier especially in high winds. During the years 2000-2009 when Meripurje's Tom Lindström was sailing as mainsail trimmer, many new sails were developed and Off Course got successful also in light winds.

Siirry sivun alkuun

FIN-60 Off Course

Seura HSK
Rakennusvuosi 1940
Suunnittelija Harry Becker
Veistämö Rödesunds båtvarv, Karlsborg
Ensimmäinen omistaja
X-konsortium, SSÆ


Omistajat Kaj Karumaa, Erik Lähteenmäki / erik.lahteenmaki@offcourse.f


Ranking 2021

FIN 80 Astrée III 84
FIN 51 May Be VI 56
FIN 23 Merenneito II 52
FIN 49 Sara af Hangö 48
FIN 74 Lisbeth V 46
FIN 43 Wire 40
FIN 60 Off Course 26
FIN 38 Mariana 24
FIN 39 Jolanda 21
FIN 63 Borée II 17
FIN 44 TOY 10
L35 Ellinore 5
FIN 64 Emzia 2
FIN 19 Puckie 1
FIN 61 Siléne 1

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