Mr Bigar from Swizerland made an order for new 6mR yacht in 1937. She would be constructed with same drawings as 6mR boats Buri (N63), Amok (N64) and Vema (N66).

Yngve Pacius, Martin Törnroos and Rene' Nyman participated 1946 in "Regattas Internationales Inter-clubs" whitch was held in lake Geneve. Despite of heavy ice-storm whitch made 7 holes in spinaker Borée II reached 3rd place in the competition.

Borée II was brought in Finland from Geneve year 1990. The boat was completly renoweted by Veistokaari boatyard Oy and the old plywood deck was replaced with teakdeck. 1999 some minor fixing will be done and possibly a new rigg.


Christian Uggla and Bobby Ekblom had participated in races as guest crew members and became entirely smitten by the
Classic 6mR Class magic. They began planning the purchase of a yacht in order to get involved as consistent participants in
the Finnish 6mR racing circuit. In 2004, Chrisse and Bobby joined forces with Leo Reenpaa as the new owners of Borée II.
She was rebuilt and fitted with a new competition-class rig in Harry Thoneberg’s Emäsalo Boat Yard in preparation for the
2005 racing season.

Borée II placed fifth in the Hango Regatta 2005. She also participated in the Classic 6mR World Cup in Sandhamn, but was
forced to withdraw as a result of damage incurred due to choppy seas during the race.

In the 2006 season, Borée II placed fifth in the Helsinki Regatta and ranked seventh over all for the Finnish 6mR season.

The primary members of Borée II’s team have been Chrisse Uggla, Leo Reenpaa, Bobby Ekblom, Micke Fleege, Markus Nilsson, Henk “Snobi” Sundstrom, Aarne Aberg and Tiitus Aho.

Siirry sivun alkuun

FIN-63 Boreé II

Seura HSS
Rakennusvuosi 1937
Suunnittelija Bjarne Aas
Veistämö Fredrikstad
Ensimmäinen omistaja M. Pierre Bigar


Omistajat Ekblom, Matalamäki, Von Koskull, Gullichsen, Hintze


RANKING 2016 final

1 Sara af Hangö 76

2 Off Course 67

2 Djinn 67

4 May Be VI 66

5 Astree III 53

5 Fridolin 53

7 Wire 47

8 TOY 46

9 Antje 42

10 Jolanda 38

11 JOY 35

12 Raili 32

13 Elinore 30

14 Mariana 29

15 May Be IV 24

16 Marianne 16

17 Borée II 15

18 Victoria 8

19 Puckie 7

20 Arneta 4

20 Silene 4

20 Lisbeth V 4

23 Antinea 3


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