FLY was made by C.M. Nielsen&Co. in Nykøbing Falster, Denmark.
The boat was ordered from the company by Ivar Knudsen in 1926 and it was designed by Johan Anker.
FLY was registered in Denmark with id D29. The next known owner of FLY after Ivar Knudsen is Niels Thomsen who bought the boat in 1942.
He and his son Jörgen Thomsen were the owners of the boat until 2003. They then sold the boat to Swedish man Per-Erik Kalström.
He used the boat mainly for casual sailing trips. I bought the boat from Kalström in 2013 and it is now located in Finland.
When FLY was in Sweden some parts of it were repaired.
The old keel plank and some lower boardplanking were replaced by Thomas Larsson Yachtsnickeriet AB.
I intend to restore the boat honoring its history by preserving the original model so that it would serve better as an raceboat.
FLY will race again with id FIN-75.

Kausi 2016

Ohjelmassa olivat seuran viikkokisat ja nautiskelua Saimaalla.

Siirry sivun alkuun

FIN-75 Fly

Seura LrPS Lappeenrannan Pursiseura
Rakennusvuosi 1926
Suunnittelija Johan Anker
Veistämö Brd. Nielsen, Nyköping Falster
Ensimmäinen omistaja Ivar Knudsen


Omistajat Juha Liimatta / juha.lliimatta(at)


Ranking 2017 - final

2017 Vene Total
1 Fridolin 92
2 May Be VI 82
3 Sara af Hango 77
4 Djinn 62
5 Antje 55
6 AstreeIII 52
7 Off Course 50
8 Wire 49
9 Jolanda 38
10 May Be IV 36
11 Mariana 32
12 Boreé II 30
13 Ara 25
14 Victoria 24
15 Joy 18
16 Elinore 12
17 Silène III 8
18 Raili 8
19 Marianne 7
20 Toy 7
21 Arneta 4
22 Fandango 2
23 Puckie 1

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