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For sale

6mR North Sails 3DI Genoa 1 Light Medium

Almost unused genoa for with J=3,23 from 2017.

6mR Mariana FIN-38

Designed by Gunnar Jocobsson and built 1936 at Wilenius boatyard.
Winner of 1995 WC. In good condition and ready to race. Location Helsinki.

6mR FIN-72 Ara

Price: 48.000 €
Contact: Kari Malmstrom +358500 942504

6mR FIN-3 Irma

Good condition, new deck, mast and lot of repairs done.

6mR FIN-66 Bambi

Bambi is a very competitive 6mR yacht in excellent racing condition. The boat was designed by Knud H. Reimers and built in Zurich, Switzerland in 1946. Bambi has previously sailed on Lake Geneva with a solid racing record. Having been bought to Finland in 2002 she underwent a renovation as well as a modernization of the running rig and remains in excellent racing condition.

6 mR GER 41 Adelheid

Adelheid GER 41 for sale
Year: 1939
Designer: Henry Rasmussen
Location: Germany, Konstanz, Lake of Constance
Condition: very good
Price: 79.000,00 €

6mR May Be IV, S2

Designed by Tore Holm and built by Abrahamsson & Börjesson Båtvarv 1936

6mR Arneta, FIN17

Designed by Einar Olofsson and built by Åbo Båtvarf 1936. First owner Henrik Ramsay, built for Nyländska Jaktklubb's 75th anniversary.

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Ranking 2021

FIN 80 Astrée III 84
FIN 51 May Be VI 56
FIN 23 Merenneito II 52
FIN 49 Sara af Hangö 48
FIN 74 Lisbeth V 46
FIN 43 Wire 40
FIN 60 Off Course 26
FIN 38 Mariana 24
FIN 39 Jolanda 21
FIN 63 Borée II 17
FIN 44 TOY 10
L35 Ellinore 5
FIN 64 Emzia 2
FIN 19 Puckie 1
FIN 61 Siléne 1

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