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A. Name and Domicile

1. The name of the association shall be the International Six Metre Association (ISMA).
2. The legal domicile of ISMA shall be at Geneva, Switzerland.

B. Object

The object of ISMA shall be:
a) to represent the 6 M Class before the International Sailing Federation (hereinafter "ISAF") as the international class organization for the 6 M Class;
b) to organize and supervise the international activities of the 6 M Class;
c) to enact and enforce the 6 M Class rules;
d) to promote, develop and govern international regattas for the 6 M Class throughout the world; and
e) to circulate information among the National Associations, 6 M sailors and the sailing community in general.

C. Membership

1. The members of ISMA are the National Associations of owners of 6 M yachts.
2. A National Association of 6 M owners may join ISMA by certifying that it will adhere to its By-Laws.
3. All National Associations shall accept membership applications made by 6 M owners who are either residing or keeping their yachts in the country of their jurisdiction. National Associations may also admit members who are not owners of a 6 M yacht.
4. Owners of 6 M yachts are affiliated with ISMA as individual members through their respective National Association. However, those owners residing or keeping their yachts in countries where no National Association in good standing exists may join ISMA directly or through another National Association.

D. Membership Dues

1. National Associations shall pay annually to ISMA membership dues according to the number of 6 M yachts they represent.
2. Membership dues must be paid before May 1st of each year. National Associations will submit to ISMA a list of the yachts they represent giving details about all yachts and their owners.
3. If a National Association fails to pay such dues, it will no longer be a member of ISMA of good standing.
4. Each National Association will cast a number of votes at General Assemblies or when a mail vote is organized equal to the number of yachts for which it has paid a membership due during the preceding year.

E. General Meetings

1. The General Meeting is the governing body of ISMA. As a general rule, General Meetings are held at the same time and place as the World Cup and, in years where no World Cup is taking place, at the same timeand place as some other major international 6 M event. General Meetings are called by the President with one month's notice.
2. All National Associations in good standing are entitled to attend General Meetings and to cast one vote for each registered and dues paying 6mR owner, based on the preceding year. Individual members may attend General Meetings, but they are not entitled to vote.
3. Each National Association shall designate in writing one person who will act as its proxy at General Meetings.
4. The purpose of the General Meeting shall be to:
a) adopt the Rating Rules and Measurement Instructions, subject to approval by ISAF where applicable;
b) establish the membership dues;
c) approve the accounts;
d) elect the President and the other officers of ISMA and the members of the Executive and Technical Committees;
e) attend to all matters submitted to it by the President; and
f) amend these By-Laws.
5. One half of the National Associations in good standing shall constitute a quorum. A single majority vote shall decide all matters.
6. A decision regarding an issue which should normally be submitted to the General Meeting may also be made by a mail vote. A mail vote is valid when a majority of the National Associations in good standing concur.

F. Officers

1. The President is the official representative of ISMA and the Chairman of the Executive Committee.
2. Two Vice-Presidents (modern and classic fleet representatives) shall assist the President and assume his duties in his absence.
3. The Secretary keeps the minutes and books of ISMA.
4. The Treasurer keeps the financial records of ISMA and shall prepare bi-annual reports on the financial status of ISMA for presentation at the General Meeting
5. All offices are held for two years. In case of vacancies, the President shall appoint a substitute to hold office until the next General Meeting.

G. Executive Committee

1. The Executive Committee shall include the President, the Vice-President(s), the Secretary, the Treasurer and the Chairman of the Technical Committee, and such other members as shall be decided at the General Meeting.
2. The Executive Committee shall be responsible for:
a) handling all current business;
b) collecting dues and hull royalties;
c) publishing a class magazine; and
d) maintaining contacts with ISAF, National Associations and yacht clubs
organizing major racing events for the Class.

H. Technical Committee

1. Unless the President decides otherwise, all proposals to change the Rating Rule and Measurement Instructions of the class shall be first submitted to the Technical Committee.
2. The Technical Committee shall prepare a report and recommend approval, amendment or rejection of the proposal by the General Meeting.

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Ranking 2021

FIN 80 Astrée III 84
FIN 51 May Be VI 56
FIN 23 Merenneito II 52
FIN 49 Sara af Hangö 48
FIN 74 Lisbeth V 46
FIN 43 Wire 40
FIN 60 Off Course 26
FIN 38 Mariana 24
FIN 39 Jolanda 21
FIN 63 Borée II 17
FIN 44 TOY 10
L35 Ellinore 5
FIN 64 Emzia 2
FIN 19 Puckie 1
FIN 61 Siléne 1

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